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May 03, 2020

Refining Your Video Dating Technique

Pro Video Dating Techniques

If you thought dating during Corona wasn't possible, you're wrong. The major apps like Bumble, Tinder and Hinge are all reporting a surge in activity. Tinder, the world's largest dating app, reported a 10-15% increase in messaging. Bumble, a 97% increase in the use of its video chat feature. And on Hinge, 70% of its users say they're open to video dating.  Engagement has also increased. A recent poll found that 58% of dating app users are using their apps more, and almost half of those people are checking their apps daily.

Virtual dating comes in three forms: texting, voice calls and video calls - Zoom and FaceTime seem to be the most common. While each has its merits, video calls are the closest substitute to the IRL date and offers key advantages. On camera you get to see body language, what they really look like, how they dress and in some cases, their home. And oddly, since video dating is so weird, somebody's willingness to go along with it shows a higher than normal interest level. 

Like IRL dating, Video Dating comes with its own skills. Here are some tips to make the most of your new, high-tech experience!

Use Zoom's 'Touch Up Your Appearance' Feature

Zoom has a great filter for video calls called "Touch Up Your Appearance." To turn it on go to your camera settings. It's a great feature - takes that ‘locked up in quarantine’ edge off.

Turn OFF Your Notifications

This is especially important if you're sharing a screen with your date - let's say you are just showing them something on your phone or watching a movie. At the very least turn off your dating app notifications!

Position Your Webcam Smartly

Keep the light source on your face and try to avoid sitting with a window behind you. Frame your head and shoulders in the shot and keep the camera lens at or above eye level. You can use a cardboard box to prop up the laptop if necessary.

Your Best Angle

Lift your head up, your chin will thank you.

Clean Your Lens

And your apartment, or at least that square right behind you. 

If You Don't Want to Clean (or show) Your Home

Use a virtual background. I was once on a call where the guy had a sick apartment in the background - but he admitted it wasn't his. You can use this feature in Zoom on the camera settings. If you're on your iPhone, click More and then go to Virtual Background.

Details, Details

I'll speak for myself, but my nails could really use some work. On a recent video date I noticed my (at best) patchy manicure came through. I don't think it mattered to him, but it mattered to me. The nice thing about Video Dating as opposed to IRL, is that you can have a less than perfect polish job, but it'll still look fine.

Tell Your Kids (or other people) to Shut Up

Lol, sorry I don't mean to be rude but it's a date! That means it's dedicated time between the two of you, even if it's only for 15 minutes. When you have kids yelling at you or your mom asking you a question during the date, it's not only annoying but also says that your life too chaotic (or your date is unimportant) to form a connection.

So now that you have some good tips...ask for the date!

Asking for a Video Date is like the IRL ask. When you ask, just be straightforward. A simple, "Would you be up for doing a video chat?" usually does the trick. If they're game, great! If not, well now you know.

If you have any questions or would like help with your profile, then reach out! I'm here to help.