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Society sees dating as a goal-oriented, hyper-focused hunt for The One. Being single is a problem, and dating is there to solve it.

I disagree. Dating is not a means to an end. Instead, it’s a unique opportunity to learn about yourself and how to connect with others. Without these experiences, it’s impossible to find a lasting relationship. That’s where our work begins.

01 About Grace
01 About Grace

Your Guide on this Adventure

Born and raised in East Lansing, Michigan, I am a friendly Midwesterner at heart. I actually started in banking, working in England, Hong Kong and China. In 2009, life changes brought me to NYC. I arrived as a single parent with zero dating experience but a lot of enthusiasm. I immediately threw myself into the wild world of Match.com, where I learned the hard way.

Through my 10+ years of dating and (brief stint in) matchmaking, I discovered my passion for helping people date better. I’m a dating coach and I love what I do.

Despite their much maligned reputation, I’m a huge fan of dating apps. They remain the only technology designed to bring people together in real life. They allow unprecedented access to thousands of people. You’d think that with these advances, people would thrive. Instead, the apps have created a transactional environment. People have become commodities and we judge them by their covers.

It’s time for us to challenge the outdated model of dating.

It's more than a search for The One. Success isn’t just about getting married. Making connections with other humans is never a “waste of time.”

Dating is not a pass/fail exercise. It is about connection and self discovery. Each date can provide a useful takeaway if you let it.

I’m here to transform the way you date.

Your Guide on this Adventure
02 Approach
02 Approach

A Roadmap For Dating

It’s a four stage process that’s both structured and bespoke. Whether you’re 26 or 70, newly divorced or have never been in love, our program will work for you.

Deep Dive

Our first mission is to establish your baseline. We will analyze past relationships and negative patterns. You'll set goals, and together we will map out how to get there. I'm your teacher, advisor and confidant.

Dating School

Let’s do this the right way. I’ll set up a profile that attracts the right people. You’ll learn great opening lines to spark conversation. I’ll show you how to get off your phone and onto a date.

Practice Makes Progress

In this stage, we go live. Real matches. Real conversations. Real dates. It’s an iterative process during which you’ll break had habits and learn new ones. You’ll date better. Much better.

Dating & Beyond

By the end of our program, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing and why. You’ll have confidence in your approach and you’ll be ready to meet your person. Dating will no longer be a bummer, it’ll be your opportunity.