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My mission is to teach you how to find that great relationship. A partner who gives you what you really need.

My process begins with you. Clarifying your vision, identifying your needs. Then, I'll give you the tools and techniques you need. You'll learn to communicate. To connect. You'll date better.

Every relationship begins with a good first date. And a good first date begins with you.

01 About Grace
01 About Grace

Your Dating Coach

Before becoming a Dating Coach, I lived a pretty conventional life. I was born and raised in Michigan. Attended Emory University, followed by Cambridge University where I earned my MA in Economics. Shortly after I joined HSBC, where I worked in Corporate Banking in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

By 30 I was married with two kids. Life was pretty sweet. And then I got divorced.

In the ten years that followed, I was extremely single. I went on a lot of dates.  And by a lot I mean over 1,000. Now, happily, my bad dates are now career building.  There truly isn’t much I haven’t seen.

I'm a dating coach and I love my job

And now I'm a dating coach and I love what I do because I see great things happening all the time. Like when a client realizes they have been chasing the wrong thing all along. Or that they’ve been reacting to all the pressure without enjoying the freedom. As people open, opportunities arise.

I believe that every person has their person. But finding that relationship requires clarity. Who one is. What one really needs. Clarity and skill equals success. That’s what excites me. That’s why I love my job. 

(Grace lives in New York City. She has two very tall teenagers and a very small dog.)

Your Dating Coach
02 Approach
02 Approach

What is Date Coaching?

It's a deep dive. A mix of introspection and instruction. Date Coaching is a process designed to help you find your perfect match.

Deep Dive

Who are you? What are our values? And what do you really need from a partner?Using visualization tools, we will gain clarity on what you really need in a relationship.

Dating School

In these sessions, I'll be teaching you the ins and outs of dating apps and texting. You'll know how to create an authentic (and attractive) profile, how to really read a profile and solid opening lines so that you don't get ghosted anymore. And go on dates.

Date Better

Getting from the first date to the fifth date is no small thing. It takes skill, technique and a winning strategy. I'll be showing you best practices for first dates, second dates and how to get beyond dating altogether.

Dating & Beyond

New relationships are a great stage for self-sabotage. In these sessions we'll be trouble shooting, addressing past patterns and clarifying your values. And celebrating as you deepen your connection with your new partner.