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May 05, 2020

5 Quick & Easy Ways to Fix Your Dating Profile Pictures

Which Profile Pictures to Delete

With everybody online and nobody outside, the dating app audience has never been more captive. Apps across the board have reported outsized growth in both number of users and engagement - people are logging on much more.

Video dating has gone primetime, so let's get you onboard!

1. Your Cover Shot: Clear and Recent

Your first picture should be accurate - it must look like you! Of course we all have good days and bad, but rule of thumb: your match should be able to pick you out of lineup. If possible, avoid sunglasses, hats, selfies on the car or bathroom. Use the Portrait Mode (or equivalent) to get a clear, well lit first picture. If all else fails, a professional headshot is okay. Replace your sunglass selfie with a clear recent picture of your face.

2. Make Sure You’re in All of the Pictures

If you travel, hike or have a cute puppy I can totally see why you’d want a picture of them in your profile. And that's fine, as long as you're also in the picture! You can always exchange your puppy portraits after you connect. Delete any pictures that you're not in (including inspirational quotes).

3. Change the Order

Your audience doesn't have the patience to pick you out of a crowd.  So, in the first two pictures, make sure it’s you alone. You can add a group picture after two pictures of yourself. Make sure the group isn't too large, rule of thumb six people. Delete any with six or more people.

4. Switch Up the Background

I see a lot of great pictures out there! You went to a storybook wedding (and you looked amazing) or sailing last summer. Wow. Definitely include that picture, but just oneDelete repeats.

You see, the space is limited so you want to maximize the impact of each picture. When you change up the background, the story becomes more interesting. 

The variety could go something like this: solo pic outside, no sunglasses or hat / inside at a restaurant / outside brunch with friends / inside at a party / outside hiking pic solo / something funny or unusual (like you petting an elephant, etc.). 

5. You Only Need 3 Pictures, Maximum 6

Most apps will allow you to create a profile with just one picture. That’s definitely not enough but if you only have one good picture and the rest are vague selfies or dogs, then one might yield better results. Bad pictures definitely work against you.

Feel free to delete any of the pictures that don’t meet the criteria as mentioned above. Keep a minimum of 3 and no more than 6. Leave something to the imagination! You can always exchange more pictures after you connect.

Great pictures aren't about looking hot, they're about telling your story. If somebody connects to details in your picture, by default that is a quality match. Great relationships are built on shared interest and compatibility. Put yourself in the best possible position to find a meaningful connection.